Welcome to “Ka-Chiak”, a photography blog created to share my captured images and thoughts.

Photography is my hobby and I am doing it just for leisure. I shoot both film and digital, mainly on film actually. Not because film produces a better image quality, but because I feel the excitement and fun through the whole shooting process: Shoot in film, send the rolls to the lab, wait for the films to be developed, scanned, and Voilà, you get your nice images with full of surprise.

Another reason I started this blog is because I believe blogging about photography is a great way to improve my photography skill, by showing my work, getting feedback, and learn from others. Hence, please feel free to leave any type of feedback or advice, and it should be accepted with my open heart.

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*If you like and wish to obtain the images from my posts, please feel free to contact me at chiasw09@gmail.com. I am willing to give out my photos for free as long as they are not for commercial use. Again, thank you for visiting my blog and every “Likes” I received is the encouragement for me to continue shooting.

Have a nice day =D

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