10 comments on “Leica Mini

  1. Damn, the scans look great! And the lens is SHARP! Great shots too!
    Really really good buy. Now I’m tempted to check out an Olympus XA LOL!

    • Ahaha..yeah, never regret getting this camera. Olympus XA looks good, although the design seems a bit funny to me. Anyway, just get it or regret not having it on your hand. =D

      • Yeah, it’s a pretty old camera. Can be gotten for less than RM150.

        See first lar, too many purchases recently lolx.

      • Hello but i dont know who to order throught ebay. And you can email me for the price if you want to sell it .;)
        I hope you can sell it

      • I am from Malaysia too. Anyway, after considering much, I am willing to let go the camera. Let me finish the remaining films in the camera, then I will contact you regarding the matter. Cheers

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